National Implant Registries

Total Hip Replacement


The Risk Calculators developed by the Kaiser Permanente National Implant Registries estimate the chance of unfavorable outcomes, such revision/re-operation surgery and infection after surgery. The risk estimates are calculated using data from a large number of patients who had a surgical procedure similar to the one currently being discussed with the patient and the estimated risk is based on information the patient provides about their prior health history. The Risk Calculators only take certain information into account and there may be other factors that are not included in the estimate which may increase or decrease the risk of a complication or death. The estimates are not a guarantee of results and a complication after surgery may happen even if the risk is low.

Patients should always consult their doctor or other health care providers before deciding on a treatment plan. These risk estimates are intended to supplement, and not substitute, the counsel and judgment of a doctor or certified healthcare provider about the diagnosis, treatment, or potential outcomes. The Kaiser Permanente National Implant Registries and their affiliates are not responsible for any medical decisions that may be based on these risk calculator estimates, since these estimates are provided for informational purposes only.