National Implant Registries


Requesting Research Information

The National Implant Registries provide research support to Kaiser Permanente clinicians who are interested in conducting research related to implant registry data. Our group provides assistance in the areas of research design, statistical analysis, data extraction, research compliance, and manuscript submission.

Principal Investigator (PI) responsibilities

  • Formulate the research hypothesis and conduct literature review
  • Complete required Kaiser Permanente research training
  • Determine study design; oversee research protocol and analysis; and prepare a manuscript

If you would like to initiate a research project with implant registry data, the first step is to complete an Implant Registry Data Request Information and Application Form.

Key criteria used to review and prioritize data requests include:

  • Clinical relevance
  • Scientific merit
  • Relevance to other research studies, publications and grant proposals
  • Alignment with Kaiser Permanente’s mission