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Quality Improvement Resources

The International Society of Arthroplasty Registries (ISAR) has been developing methodologies and generating reports on surgeon, hospital, and implant performance that can be used for quality improvement. These reports may serve as a resource for new and developing registries and facilitate developing common data elements and definitions across registries.

The purpose of this web page is to provide a collection of resources related to the application of arthroplasty registry data to quality improvement. The resources include reports from existing registries, registry quality improvement publications about QI methodologies and impact, and examples of registry websites that provide QI data.

This web page is intended as a living repository. Review of the included materials and submission of additional resources is requested. Interested in submitting? Please submit links, publications, and other relevant documentation to

Patient and Public Reporting

Types of resources available: patient leaflets/brochures; annual reports for the public; risk calculators; surgeon and hospital profiles showing implant use, mortality rates, volume of cases.

Implant and Manufacturer

Types of resources available: feedback portal with regularly-updated data stream; price benchmarking; implant outlier reports; reports with all cases using a manufacturer’s implants showing mortality and revision.

Surgeon and Hospital

Types of resources available: web-based clinician feedback; annual hospital reports; hospital risk-adjusted revision rates; annual outlier identification; revision rates, PROMS, and other outcomes compared to national.


Types of resources available: statistical process control, e.g. funnel plots, SPC charts; patient time incidence rate and revisions per 100 observed component years; CUSUM; Australia outlier methodology; survival analyses; cumulative revision rate by selected time periods; risk-adjustment.